Dry Skin

It’s important for you to know your skin type. Not all skin is created equal and you should cater the products you use to address your specific skincare needs. Most skincare companies break down their product lines into three skin types:  Normal or Combination, Dry, Oily or Blemish-Prone.

Dry skin is flaky, rough, or tight with smaller pores.  Dry skin is less elastic and tends to show lines and wrinkles more readily. When irritated, dry, sensitive skin can become itchy, inflamed and scaly.

PRO TIP: If you have a skin type that’s sensitive or problematic, it can be frustrating and difficult.  We all want immediate results, but even the best skincare treatments can take six to eight weeks to work & it’s important to remain consistent with whatever treatment you choose.  Be patient & give the product time to work before trying another option. 

Let’s look at the NuGlow® product for dry skin!