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Best product I have ever used!

Nuglow has been on my bathroom counter for 10 years or more! It helps
me prepare for the morning before makeup. Keeps my skin looking smooth
and shiny!


I have been using your products for many years! I am very happy with all of them.
Thank you,

NuGlow 3-Piece Anti-Aging Kit

Great product!

Love this!!

I just really loved how smooth it made the skin underneath my eyes look plus for me it felt very cooling when I applied the nuglow eye therapy which for me was a big plus!! I also noticed less puffiness and my dark under eyes just aren't as dark anymore!! So I really have to say that I enjoyed this product and would definitely repurchase and continue to use!!

No burning

This is one of the rare eye skin care products that does not make my eyes burn. That's a BIG plus for me.

Great results so far

I've been using the eye therapy for a little over two weeks with great results. Prone to "allergy eyes" and the product has helped with puffiness and fine lines. Best results when moisturizer is applied over eye therapy. The slight blue tint helps diminish circles.

I love the product

I like that cream is very easy to apply and it feels light. My skin feels amazing, not changes yet, but I will continue to use it. Thank you.


Good product for your skin!!!!!

NuGlow Copper Peptide Eye Therapy

Smooth texture, moisturizes very well and it smoothed the lines under my eyes.


Great product....

Great product

I really enjoyed this eye cream and felt like it really hydrated my under eye area very well!! I also saw that the puffiness and fine lines around my eyes was diminished!! In the end I feel like this is a great purchase!! I also really loved how cool and refreshing it felt whenever I applied this eye cream

Love it!

My first impression of the Nu-Glow Copper Peptide Eye Therapy is how smooth it is when I felt it between my fingers. Applying it under my eyes and on my browline was a treat, actually.

After a couple weeks I noticed a lightening of my under eye circles. I do believe I've found my holy grail!

I like it!

I am enjoying this eye product! I do feel some firming. For me living in northern Minnesota in the fall and winter, I find I do need to layer this product with something having more moisturizer but I will continue to use this product!

No more puffy eyes

Since using Nuglow copper peptide I notice I have not had any puffy eye lids . I have had puffy eyes off and on , but since using this product I have not . The serum is easy to apply , it comes in an easy to use dispenser , it’s a glass container . It dispenses the right amount no waste . The serum glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly . Not greasy , or white residue. I love how it helps the skin around my eyes . I use it morning and night , I am very happy with the results 

Smooth skin

Very nice and happy with product

So far it seems good

I've been using it morning and night for about 3 weeks or goes on very nicely. It doesn't have any smell. It does seem to have helped my under eye bags a bit. Not alot. But some. Also I think the lines are reduced a little.

The Eyes Have It!

The eye treatment has done a fine job of reducing my under eye circles and swelling! It’s a fine product that requires very little to apply and see positive results.

Great product!

I saw a visible difference in the area surrounding my eyes. The crow’s feet seemed reduced and the dark circles visibly reduced.

Special Product for Puffy Eyes with Dark Circles

This is a terrific product. From the moment you touch it, you can feel the thick richness and support. It goes on nicely like silk and provides a long-lasting effect to begin erasing the darkness and puffiness around one's eyes.

So far, I'm loving it!

I haven't had it for 60 days yet, but so far I really love it and would purchase it again. I love the texture of the creme. It's so rich and moisturizing. I had a couple of little rough patches under my eyes and they're gone. I'm very happy with the creme.

2nd bottle

I have bags under my eyes and although they're not completely gone this product really helps to diminish the puffiness.

Good product

Noticed a slight difference in the crows feet and the overall look of the eye.
Good product 👍🏻

Seeing great results

I have been using the NuGlow Copper Peptide Eye Therapysince oct 1st. I am already seeing results and loving it! The wrinkles around my eyes are smoothing out as the product states!! A perminant addition to my facial routine!

Really makes a difference!

This peptide eye treatment is a nice non greasy serum. I use it at night with my routine and have noticed a difference in the skin around my eyes. Less crepey, smooth wrinkles and overall youthful.

excellent product!

i was surprise to see the changes!