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Glides on smoothely

A very nice eye cream/gel which feels cool when applying and minimizes eye wrinkles tremendously. I'm definitely thinking of re purchasing.

Copper Peptide Eye Therapy - 60-Day Supply

3 piece antiaging kit

the under eye cream does not work for me. Have been using it for 3-4 weeks and don't see a difference. The exfoliant I love, the crystals are so small I can feel it really exfoliates my skin and not scratches it. Unfortunately I dropped my moisturizing oil and didn't get to use it. Very sad about that. Also, I use the concentrated face wash and love it too. Doesn't dry my skin but still gives me the foamy good clean.

An important part of my daily routine

This is just simply the best I have used. I'm middle aged and trying to keep hydrated. It soaks into my skin and makes the eye area supple and reduces fine lines.

Love it

It helps my skin so much. I had stopped using it and won’t do that again

Excellent product

Gentle and effective.

NuGlow Copper Peptide Serum

I really love this serum. My skin has taken on a new radiant which I thought was gone for good. I will definitely be purchasing more new glow products.

Copper Peptide Eye Therapy - 60-Day Supply

It's a good cream. I don't see a huge difference but fill that my skin looks better.

Great Stuff~!

Loved this! Great offer.
Too bad I am all out.

Copper Peptide Eye Therapy - 60-Day Supply

After 2 weeks

I’m 65 and have somewhat crepey skin above my eyes and also bags beneath. I have noticed a difference above my eyes, smoother. Not a big difference in the bags but may get better over time. A bottle should easily last 2 months as a little goes a long way.

Works on all types skin

Skin feels totally clean, Not sticky when applied.

I see a big difference under my eye! My wrinkles r not as noticeable

Awesome product

It doesn’t take a lot of product but it makes an awesome difference. My fine lines are smoother and the color around eyes is more radiant.

Bottle was broken but otherwise its amazing

copper serum peptides

I've been using this product for many years and love it! I apply it every morning and noct. It's a must w/ my facial products.

NuGlow Perpetual Fave

As a woman in my 50s I appreciate a serum that works so well to smooth over fine lines. If I ever run out and have to use another product in the interim, I actually crave the lovely feel of my NuGlow Copper Peptide Serum. It's that good.


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Copper Peptide Eye Therapy

I really like it. It moisturizes the skin under my eyes better than any other eye cream that i have used. Thumbs up!

Years of using products

I am 55 yrs old and everyone tells me I have great skin and I look 10 years younger! I love it!

Nice eye cream

I have been using this for a while and while I still have Purple under my eyes (allergy related issues) I do think this product helped to firm the area and make it less puffy. It has a nice thick feel that absorbed nicely. I recommend it to everyone that needs a good eye cream.


I was very suprised that this cream works for my eyes. Will purchase again when i finish

Worth it

I write this reviews not because i receive the free 60 days eye cream. This reviews because the cream is works. Very moisturizer for my eyes. And make my under eyes look fresher in the morning. I've been using it for 2 weeks. You should get this if you won't be look old

Great skincare

Have used Copper Peptide NIghtTime for years, and when I apply it, I can feel it working. My facial skin, for my age, is in great shape.